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Fantone is a farm of about 370 Ha, in a hilly countryside about 300 to 450 m above sea level.

We grow on organic way, cereals, oats, barley, corn, vegetables, fruits, grapes and olive trees. We also grow up our own sheep, goats, pigs and fowls for eggs and meet production. You can come with us when we do our job. A big part of forestland is the territory of wild boar, muffling, fallow deer and red deer. If you are out early enough you have chances to observe these animals in their own territory.

You can spot many animals’ trails: wild boar, deer, porcupine, badger, fox, ermine, weasel, squirrel, hedgehog, turtle, etc. Early dawn and sunset are the ideals moments of the day to observe these animals. And if you are lucky you can see many types of birds: finch, falcon, buzzard, etc. At night you can hear the frogs in the pond, the song of the nightingale and the spooky sound of the owl.

api oliveto uva
mela grana cinta senese beagle
feijoa farfalla pecora
porchetti scavatore siepe
gallo mela cotogna vigna
maialini trattore cinghialini
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