The Etruscan civilisation dates from the 11° century before Christ. The whole way of living changed because people settled for the first time in fixed places and constructed villages on top of the hills near the most important rivers. The main activity was agriculture and breeding but with the beginning of the Iron period the craft sector was more and more important and they began to construct boats and works of art. They began commercial activities with the Greeks.

The Etruscan cities became the fulcrum of political, religious and economical live. This process was further improved and was the origin of real powerful City-states. The Etruscan necropolises from the beginning of the 7°century before Christ are near Puntone and Pian di Palma. These are tombs excavated under the ground and consist of a unique room. The roof was a big slab of travertine (porous white stone you find all over here) preceded by a corridor that slopes downwards. In Campo delle Caldane you find different tomb constructions, here you find a slab of travertino positioned in a vertical way, forming the walls and also here the roof is a big slab of travertine. The room made like this was closed by a travertine door and afterwards covered by earth so you see small hills spread on the land.

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