Medieval village of 1300 dominated by the mountain and the rock. Possession of the Aldobrandeschi: family of the Longobarda (Florence) which was in power by a proclaim of Ludovico II who created the county Aldobrandesca Maremma in 862. All villages of the Fiora valley were in their posses. Later all this passed to the commune of Siena. The progress of the Senese power (which wanted to have o seaport) conquers own a lot of the territories of the Aldobrandeschi in the beginning of the 15° century, makes defence walls and fortress (cassero). After continuous struggle the villages of Manciano, Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano go to the Roman family Orsini. Only Scansano remains to a family of Siena: the Sforzi.
The summit of the entrance door of the church “Pietro and Paulo” was tilted after an earthquake (frequently in the past while the Amiata zone is volcanic origin), inside art of the Siena school (16° century).
If you wish to visit the Rocconi woods of the WWF contact the 0564 989115. Closed on Thursday and on Friday. In the neighbourhood also the Pescinello park.


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