The wine tradition of Scansano goes back to the time of Aureliano (250-275 after C.). The old tradition makes that now we have the “DOC Morellino di Scansano”, produced with San Giovese grapes, a ruby red wine with fruit and wine taste that you can drink with all dishes. You surely have to visit the museum of the wine and the grapes in the Palazzo Pretorio. In the 1200 years the Maremma is a real network of castles. On the Scansano territory you find the castles of Montorgiali, Cotone and Montepò: fortress limited by 4 round towers at the corners. The monastery of Petreto built by Guido Sforza, in 1507, is the most important one and a typical example of Renaissance religious architecture of the whole area. Market on Friday and the antique market the first and the third Sunday of each month.

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